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Basic question

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Posted 2009-October-19, 18:01

1 - (Pass) - 1 - (1)

How strong is 1NT?

I have always played this as weak NT strength. Recently I was talking with a friend who knows more about bidding theory than I do, and he said it shows 18-19.
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Posted 2009-October-19, 18:08

one of the thread searchers :) should track down the topic where everybody agreed that this is 13-14 with a nice double stop. I don't remember if there was controversy on whether it could contain 3card support.
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Posted 2009-October-19, 18:18

I think, not knowing who either you or your friend are, and based on your 1553 posts and your friend's 1 post through you, I am in a position to safely declare that he does not know more about bidding theory than you do.
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Posted 2009-October-19, 18:43

Playing it shows 18-19 is really superior imo. Or at least showing an unbalanced hand with like 16 if you want, like 6 diamonds and spades stopped. Anything but double stopper with maximum weak NT!

That said double stopper with max weak NT is pretty standard.

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Posted 2009-October-19, 19:35

I've played both ways and I really do like 1NT as 18-19 and passing with all weak NT's (exception of support X). I don't know how good the gain/losses are, but you get 2NT available for 15/6+ 4 support which puts some strain off the 2 cue bid. It does mean you do lose the 'race to 1NT' though that hasn't happened to me (yet).
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Posted 2009-October-22, 10:13

"Standard" is to show a decent weak NT
This is more useful NV at matchpoints than at other forms of scoring.

I now play it as about a good 13 to a bad 17, often unbalanced, as that's the hand type that is difficult to show (e.g. 4153). Weak NTs pass (unless they support double).

I know that 18-19 is useful, but I never get dealt 18-19 on this auction.

By comparison, I play 1C P {1 red transfer response} P 1NT as 18-20, but if RHO overcalls I change to this lighter range.

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Posted 2009-October-22, 13:56

I say this too often, but on my fields I have never ever had 18-19 on this auction :/

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Posted 2009-October-22, 15:46

In the August of 2003 BW magazine, there is an article entitled "Sandwiches with Condiments."

Ken Eichenbaum and I had played bridge on Friday night. After the game, we started drinking and talking. At 4:00 in the afternoon, the next day, we fell asleep for a half hour or so and then woke up to play bridge on Saturday night.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, while trashed, we decided to devise a complicated set of agreements defining exactly what you should hold for the three options of a support double, a pass, a raise, and a 1NT call, in this auction, different for each of the four vulnerabilities -- favorable, unfavorable, equal but white, and equal but red.

It was sick, but BW bought it, or at least the part we could make out from drunken notes later.
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