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Showing 55 In The Majors After 1NT

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Posted 2003-May-10, 15:19

At the club game today, I held 5-5-2-1, 14 hcp, and my partner opened 1NT (15-17).  I bid 2C, transferring to hearts.  After P bid 2H, I bid 3S.  I had no idea how to show my hand, but I wanted to communicate game forcing values and 2 suits.  We wound up in 3NT, down 2, and 6 spades made.  The field was divided about eqully between 3NT, 4S, and 6S.  My partner was very nice (this was the first time we had played together), but said I showed 5H and 4S.

What do you think my bid showed, and how would you have bid my hand?

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Posted 2003-May-10, 16:44

This open up a whole new can of worms.  I will tell you one common way of handling these and the way I handle them.

Most common way of handling this is to use conventional 3 level bids after 1NT where 3H and 3S are used to show 5/5 (+) major hands.  3H would typically be 5/5 majors invitational and 3S would be 5/5 majors forcing.  Upon bidding over 3S, opener would raise to 4H o 4S with a preference or cue bid on the way to show max (4C=Slam interest in hearts, and 4D=Slam interest in spades).

My partner and I use 3H and 3S for other hands so we encompass both in a 3D bid.  1N-3D is 5/5 majors invitational however you can bid forcing hands through 3D , you just bid again (i can clarify if you want, there is alot to this but is fairly intuitive).

Some play, as you bid, that a transfer to one major and a bid of the other major at the 3 level shows some hand that has slam interest in the major transferred to (1N-2D-2H-3S = slam interest in hearts).  This is pretty common and very valuable, cause now you can use 1N-2D-2H-4N as strictly a quantitative raise and NOT RKC like i see on bbo TOO MUCH (makes me wanna vomit).  Others like to use it as a splinter.

Personally, I think using 3 level conventional 2 suited bids is superior to transfer and bidding other major.  You may combine the 2 suiters into conventional bids than free up the transfer and OM (other major) for other meanings (splinter, slam interest,etc).

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Posted 2003-May-10, 22:19

it's just a problem of system to discuss before with my partner (and i think with mostly all french i can play with ) to show 5-5 we bid :
* 1nt 2D 2H pass with a very weak 5-5
* 1nt 4C or 4D to show a 5-5 of game nothing more with H better or S better (4C for S better ) as u notice france don't know about 4C for  ace asking
* 1nt 2H 2S 4H for a 5-5 that can go to a slam if opener got really topcards .
* 1nt 2H 2S 3H  to show a 5-5 of slam
i play it without telling it's  good but well it's just one possible way


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Posted 2003-May-10, 23:03

I am a simple soul
1NT 2H
2S  3H
3N  4H

5-5 Ms

1NT 2D
2H  3S   autosplinter - strong hand with good 6H and     a S s/ton or void
"The King of Hearts a broadsword bears, the Queen of Hearts a rose." W. H. Auden.

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