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Finite and Infinite Games James P. Carse

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Posted 2009-February-01, 12:24

Has anybody read this guy's stuff?

Saw him on Google video today.
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Posted 2009-February-01, 16:40

I had never heard of him or of the Long Now Foundation. I suspect I will look up some of the other talks on Long Now. Mr. Case seems to be very wordy. I have been listening to the video you give for about ten minutes and I have yet to get much out of it. I am at least a little skeptical, not because I disagree but because the talk develops so slowly.

Some particular criticisms of what I have heard so far:

Maybe folks who know game theory will correct me, but his description of the distinction between finite and infinite games not correspond to the way I understand these words to be used.

He talks about an introductory course in sociology in college where he claims to have learned something. This is really hard for me to believe.

He quotes Sartre. I have read Sartre. Quoting Sartre definitely sets off my bullshit alarm.

I have now been listening for another ten minutes or so. It's enough. Sorry if he's your guy. Not mine, I think.

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