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reverse after negative double?

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Posted 2006-December-22, 02:42

parner opens 1 (1) x p

Some people plays here:

2h showing 12-14 with 4 hearts
2d as a reverse? can be 2d a reverse in this acuction?

if not, can it be different in french system (SEF)?

3 level free bid can make a big diference?

1 (1) x (2)

Well, I'm sure this shows 5 clubs and 4 or 5 diamonds and not a dead minimun, but, can it be considered a reverse?

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Posted 2006-December-22, 02:46

There is no expert consensus about whether 1-(1)-X-(P)-2 shows extra values.

A recent Los Angeles-area poll of top players showed that about half believed 2 shows extras and half that it doesn't.

The answer depends on a number of factors, such as:

(1) What is your normal opening bid with 4, 5, and a minimum opening hand?
(2) What is your normal opening bid with 4, 4, and a balanced minimum?
(3) How willing are you to bid 1NT in this auction with nothing resembling a spade stopper?
(4) Does a minimum negative double tend to imply both unbid suits, or is a negative double simply a replacement for a 1 call with no other inferences?

I don't think there are really "right" answers to these questions, although I certainly have a preferred style. Other people have different preferred styles. :rolleyes:
Adam W. Meyerson
a.k.a. Appeal Without Merit

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Posted 2006-December-22, 02:52


from a pure technical point: a reverse as it is
classical defined, can only occur in an uncotested
auctions, i.e. there is no reverse after a negative

With kind regards

PS: You can of course ask, if certain bids show add.
values in a given contested auction, but this depends
on your defensive methods against intervention.
e.g. the 3D bid in your last seq. may or may not be
made on add. values.
The shape information follows from your opening style
holding 4-4 in the minors.
Switch the opening to diamond, and opener may still
hold only 4-4 in the minors, ...
With kind regards
Uwe Gebhardt (P_Marlowe)

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Posted 2006-December-22, 04:37

> if not, can it be different in french system (SEF)?

If I recall correctly from 'Bien enchérir en attaque', 2 and 2 do NOT show extras.

Some of our US friends think differently, though. But some of that difference has to do with systemic issues.

A 3-level free bid shows in SEF about the same as a direct jump: a hand on the medium zone, with a slight tendency to be a good min also, e.g. something like 14-17 (with 18 you force to game because in SEF the neg dbl shows 7+ hcp).

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