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Opener's rebid following 2NT to G/F opening

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Posted 2003-December-15, 09:33

Hi all,

What do people feel is the best approach for openers rebid following a Game force opening eg 2C SAYC/ACOL or 2D Benji Acol and partner responds 2NT showing no 5 card major and 8+ points and a balanced hand?


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Posted 2003-December-15, 10:22

Hi Steve,

First, I would like to abstain from the question, because I don't think the best initial reply to 2C (sayc or 2/1 GF) with a balanced hand and 8+ hcp is 2NT. I personally like an initial 2H response as a true bust, so that 2D is semipositive or better. So my partners will not bid 2NT with balanced 8+.

But alrgiht, if you play 2NT shows balanced 8+, DO NOT play JACOBY transfer. New suits by opener shows the suit. You will need 2C as stayman, but change the response schedule. Have responder bid 3D with both majors, 3H with 4S, 3S with 4H, 3NT with no four card major. This is because you want the strong hand to be declearer (which is a problem with the 2NT response).


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Posted 2003-December-15, 18:09

yeah what he said, *except* for 2nt showing 3 kings (which is the way i prefer)... i've looked at the hands i've opened 2c on and by and large i'd have been better off knowing responder's controls right off the bat.. but that's just me
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