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You know you're a bridge geek when... Sheer Boredom.

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Posted 2006-August-14, 04:03

Posted this a while back on my myspace blog, and I still find it funny:

You end up spending hours on BBO, even if it's just to watch people play.

You know the html for the spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs symbols

You end up having bridge dreams/nightmares.

You start to remember the interesting hands

You quiz everyone on the hands that you remember...

...And look a fool when you only half remember what you had.

You wake up and ask the nearest person, if they were any card in the pack, which would they be?

You associate cards to most situations, and make the weirdest comments that nobody understands.

People ask you if the bridge club is your second home.

You drop out of uni /start failing some of your classes because you play that much.

You plan the rest of your life around major bridge events.

You call yourself "ace".

You dream about buying a house next to a bridge club, and still converting the attic into a bridge room.

When there are bridge events that you can't attend, you actually miss everyone that's there.

It takes you six attempts to type "bride",

Go on then...add some =)

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Posted 2006-August-14, 05:02

You look at car plate numbers, and wonder why they don't add up exactly to 13.

You are being asked for your opinion on something, but you just say Pass, and look what the person on your left has to say. You reserve your right to reenter the conversation though <_<

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Posted 2006-August-14, 13:14

When you are in a dilemma you relate to it like you are squeezed or endplayed.

When meeting another person you don't say "Hello" but "You have King 5th" etc...

You don't care where the family holiday is going as long as they have a bridge club.
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Posted 2006-August-14, 18:36

:) :lol: :D :)

Do not think it possible to beat 'When it takes you six attempts to spell "bride"', but I'll offer a few anyway.

When you carry a deck of cards even to church...just in case.

When you make sure that the cards you carry while swimming are waterproof.

When you merely glance at a beauty undressing, while reading 'Bridge World'.
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Posted 2006-August-15, 08:57

twiggstar, on Aug 14 2006, 05:03 AM, said:

Posted this a while back on my myspace blog, and I still find it funny:
Go on then...add some =)

When your partner does something silly, you spend ten minutes the next day explaining the horror to a coworker, who then says "This bridge it anything like poker?"

You get the cable package with the hopes that, someday, they'll actually show bridge.

Edited to add: You tell the local paper if they don't bring the bridge column back, you won't publish your obituary with them? That actually happened here a bit ago.

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