I sent you an email and never heard back!
Short answer: check your spam box for an automated "challenge" from us, and reply to it.
We get a lot of spam ourselves. When we detect an incoming email, we reply with a "challenge" email that you must reply to in order to release the original email. Some email systems (yahoo, for example) are too aggressive about spam detection and put this automated response into the spam bin.
If you don't manage to reply to our challenge, your original email is never seen by a human.
Will BBO work on a Mac? On Linux?
Our home page has a link that allows you to play bridge using any browser that supports Flash 9. Most of them, in other words. So yes, BBO will work on Windows, as well as on Mac and Linux.
Our older Windows software will run on a Mac provided the Mac is capable of running Windows software (generally using commercial software like Parallels, Crossover, or VirtualBox. It will also work with WINE on Linux. Search the Forums for Linux to learn more.
When will you start charging for BBO?
Our goal is to provide as many free services as possible for as long as possible. BBO is a business and we support our site by offering pay services such as ACBL and BBO masterpoint tournaments. We also run advertisements in various areas of the site.
I installed BBO for the first time but it won't connect
BBO just upgraded itself, and now it won't connect
The most likely cause of this is that something is blocking BBO from connecting to the Internet.
Many PCs run antivirus software from Norton and the like. These antivirus programs often include a "personal firewall" and this firewall is probably blocking BBO. To resolve this, you need to instruct your firewall to allow BBO to access the internet. Email us if you like, and tell us what antivirus product you are using. Or better, contact your antivirus company and tell them that you need instructions on how to allow a newly-installed program to connect to the Internet.
Many corporate environments don't allow programs to make direct connections to the Internet. You'll have to talk to your network guy. BBO makes a single outbound connection on TCP port 3336 (web version) or 9999 (older version) to our computers.
My network uses a proxy. Will BBO work?
We don't believe so. BBO is not natively proxy-aware.