How to Take a Screenshot

Lets assume that there is something on your BBO screen that you wish to report to BBO staff. Typically, this consists of someone being rude to you.

  1. Click anywhere in the bbo window (upon the Title Bar, for instance) to bring BBO into the foreground.
  2. Look at the top Right hand corner of your Keyboard. Do you see the F12 Key? Beside it, you should see a Print Scrn key. Press this PrintScrn key.
  3. Open up either your Microsoft Paint or Word program.
  4. Do this. Click on Ctrl and V at the same time. Ctrl + V. A picture of whatever is on your screen should appear.
  5. Click File/Save and save this image somewhere on your hard drive.
  6. Email us this image — if it is something rude or inappropriate, send it to

Please take as many images as you need to let us know the whole story.


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