Bridge Base Online

This page offers some advice on what to do when you receive a 'could not connect to server' message while trying to login to BBO.

If all else fails, you can contact us at

If you are an existing customer who is suddenly experiencing difficulties, try again after a few minutes. If the BBO program has recently updated itself to a newer version, your personal firewall may be the culprit. Or, of course, you might just be having "Internet trouble" with your ISP, or our server might be down, or, or, or.. read on.

We assume you are connected to the internet, since you are reading this web page.

Test your connection to our server by clicking on this link (to a tiny web page with one line of welcome text ) If you cannot connect to this web page, there is something fundamentally wrong. Maybe our server is down ( it happens, rarely). More likely, you have some sort of connectivity issue that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can help you resolve. What you should do is contact your ISP, telling them that you cannot access the link above. Also drop us a line at the email address above, just in case.
If you can connect to this web page, but BBO cannot connect, then you have a different problem. Usually - almost always, for that matter - this is caused by something on your PC or Network that is deliberately blocking the BBO program from connecting to the Internet. Who'd do such a thing?

  1. Any number of "Personal Firewalls" are capable of silently blocking recently installed (or modified) programs. Typical culprits are Zonealarm and any number of antivirus programs (Norton, McAfee, etc.).
    What you have to do is configure your personal firewall to allow c:\bridge base online\netbridgevu.exe to access the internet. On startup ( actually, when you click Login ), this program opens a connection from your PC to our server using "TCP" and port "9999".
  2. Your local network (especially if you are connecting from the corporate world, but we've seen this at home, too) may be blocking connections via a network firewall. In this case, you have to talk to your techie, if you are so fortunate as to have one on a leash. Some corporate environments don't allow much, except for web - and that via a "proxy" somewhere in your office network. If you are stuck behind one of these things, perhaps you could try downloading and installing SocksCap32 from . This product claims to allow programs like BBO to function in such an environment. Customers have reported mixed success.
  3. You may be sharing your Internet connection across multiple PCs with some sort of connection sharing software. Sometimes, these things are configured to allow known services (email, web browser) to use the network but need to be explicitly configured to allow unknown services ( like us, sadly ) to open internet connections. In this case, too, you need to whistle for that techie.
  4. Something else :)

You can contact us at