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Mandate on using bidding boxes

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Posted 2018-December-05, 21:11

Hi All,

I wanted to understand if there is a bridge law/guideline which mandates usage of bidding boxes.

We are having a debate whether we should be mandating bidding boxes in our local club events or not. People have their different opinions.

I wanted to understand if some guideline has been put around it.

I have seen this:

This is helpful, and it seems from this that bidding boxes are not mandatory except for NABC events. I couldn't understand what is I/N event. Also, not sure if this is just applicable for ACBL/NABC or it is a guideline for all official Bridge events.

Please guide.


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Posted 2018-December-05, 22:55

I/N stands for "intermediate/newcomer".

Whether to use bidding boxes, and how to use them, is a matter for regulation, not law. Law 18F says "Regulating Authorities may authorize different methods of making calls." Generally speaking, the Regulating Authority is the National Bridge Organization. In many countries, clubs can basically do whatever they want - they are in fact, if not in law, the Regulating Authority for their own games (I would check with your NBO on that).

ACBL regulations apply to ACBL events. The bidding box regulations are slightly different in other jurisdictions. In the ACBL, using bidding boxes a bid is made when the bidding card(s) is/are removed from the box and held touching or nearly touching the table or maintained in such a position as to indicate the call has been made. In England, under the English Bridge Union's rules, a call is made when the bidding card(s) is/are removed from the bidding box with intent. If your National Bridge Organization has a bidding box regulation, it might be best to follow that, but if, like most clubs, you can do whatever you want, then it's up to you. If your NBO doesn't say you must use them, you don't have to. They do prevent a lot of problems with the passing of UI by inflections and with "what was the auction again?"

BTW, if you do make your own regulation, I would strongly recommend you require the bidding cards to remain on the table at least until the opening lead is faced, so that you don't spend a lot of time on verbal reviews of the auction. The ACBL doesn't do this, but the EBU does.
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