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Preemptive bid

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Posted 2018-March-03, 00:11

Will you bid weak 2 before partner? Or you prefer bidding weak after partner? Some say that don't preempt partner. ..some says preemptive bids at 1/2 seat are good. ..would like to know experts views...Thanks

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Posted 2018-March-03, 02:51

Admittedly not an expert but played bridge for many years. You're not pre-empting partner in 1st/2nd seat if your pre-empts are standardised, that is, partner knows approximately what you have in your hand in terms of suit quality/length - two of top three honours or AJT/KJT/QJT and at least a six card suit with a weak two. That's how it was in the old days. Nowadays it's more cut and thrust and pre-emptive bids are made on weaker hands than this especially at favourable vulnerability.

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Posted 2018-March-03, 09:49

Wide ranging weak 2's in 1st and 2nd seat are popular these days and effective because of the number of follow up options available.

We play that 2nd seat weak 2's are more disciplined due to having got 1 opponent passing so there is more risk of pre-empting partner.

Partner of the opener can bid 2nt asking whatever you agree to with options like ogust, feature etc. partner is warned not to get frisky with shortness in openers suit.

Opponents are under a lot of pressure, especially if they have to start bidding at the 3-level. They can miss games or my favorite is when I have a goodish hand but pass because of a stiff in partners weak two suit and my lho bids something I can hammer.

It's a big subject on what to do when as per seat, vulnerability, what opener does after responder bids a new suit or raises or asks with 2nt and more. Mistakes will be made along the way but it's well worth the effort.
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Posted 2018-March-04, 05:14

Preempts From A To Z, by Ron Anderson and Sabine Zenkel
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