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another hand from bridgez

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Posted 2018-March-01, 08:17


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Posted 2018-March-02, 08:01

One legitimate chance of making involves 52 hearts with the hand with the 2 hearts needing to hold the club K (and maybe the J) as well as the spade A (slim pickings at best). The way we play a hand can have a significant effect on the outcome.
trick 1 win the heart Ace in dummy. This may give the false impression we have the trump A so the trump K is a quick and untouchable entry to dummy.
trick 2 Lead a dia toward the Q. This communications cutting play may give lho the wrong impression about what is going on. They may decide we are trying to set up the dia J for a pitch and feel it is urgent to switch to a club and essentially ending
the defenses chances. This play is also crucial to keeping our one legitimate chance alive. Let's assume whoever wins the dia continues hearts grrrr.
trick 3 Win in hand and assuming we can tell from the 3rd trick which player started with the hoped for 2 hearts we cater our play according to what we hope.

IF we feel lho led from Qx a far less likely scenario but still possible. Let's say trick one rho surprisingly drops the heart J and returns the heart 9 when they win the dia trick.
trick 4 start pulling trump with the intention of leading low toward the club Q

If we feel rho started with 2 hearts we are reduced to rho holding the club K and J OR holding Kxxx(x) ducking when we lead the club Q from dummy since we cannot pick up the K if they do not cover.
trick 4 start pulling trumps with the intention of leading the club Q from dummy.

FWIW Having read the above, do you feel this LOP is better or worse than merely immediately pulling trumps and hoping the club K was singleton and we were always making?
OR start pulling trumps hoping rho began with Kxxx(x) and will not cover the club Q when it is led because they are afraid we started with AJT9 and we might get two club pitches?

You decide:)))))))

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Posted 2018-March-02, 09:06

A possible line is to play RHO for J. i.e. Win the opening lead, in hand, with K, to lead a small ...

- if LHO rises with K, then carefully unblock dummy's Q. Win the continuation with dummy's A. Finesse T, and on A discard the loser from dummy.

- If LHO plays low and dummy's Q loses to RHO's K, then win the return with dummy's A, and again rely on the finesse of T.


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