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Limit Raise??

#1 User is offline   zhasbeen 

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Posted 2018-February-25, 13:41

This is not the firt time GIB has made a “limit” raise with an opening hand. However, I thought it would be a stretch to go with this one. If this doesn’t teach me then nothing will.

GIB is a very difficult partner.


#2 User is offline   helene_t 

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Posted 2018-February-25, 16:13

Yes, GIB makes very conservative limit raises and you should only reject if you have absolute rubbish.

This a partially due to the constructive single raises in the 2/1 system, which pushes the lower bound for a limit raise up a bit higher than it would be in old-fashioned SA and Acol.

It is partially due to the DD analysis which is a bit more pessimistic than real play, where you can bid a game on a combined flat 24-count, hoping that the defenders will give away a trick on the opening lead.
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Posted 2018-February-25, 17:18

well conservative is one thing. Gib has 5 trump! turn Q or Q into small card still worth game.
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Posted 2018-February-25, 18:05

To basic GIB the hand above is equivalent to any flat 12 point hand. It doesn't seem to take into account extra trump length sadly, though I guess advanced GIB could.
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Posted 2018-March-04, 10:11

GIB unfortunately doesn't add points for the extra trumps, and subtracts for the AQ doubleton. But there still should be a rule that says, essentially, you don't need as many points to bid game with 5+ card support.
Please let me know about any questions or interest or bug reports about GIB.

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