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Your next bid

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Posted 2018-February-22, 06:07

View PostJanisW, on 2018-February-22, 05:38, said:

And that is the reason for this thread. How sure can you be that you want to be in a -contract. Agreed on the actual hand the hearts might be a little bit too weak, but let's make a small (but significant) change
Now there is a selfsustaining suit and 4 is "only" a spade raise. The problem I'm having is: how to simultaniously show a -suit that is willing to play opposite xx or a singleton honour? And in a -contract the KQ are very nice cards...
After 4 the could be anywhere from AJxxx to what they actually are.

I agree that 3 and 2 are completly terrible and haven't even crossed my mind. Both are not forcing to game which is ridiculous with a 4 Looser Hand.


Correct, this is a problem, give partner Kxxx, xx, KQxx, Axx to highlight it where 6 is no play, 6 is pretty much cold and so is 6N (or xxx, AQJx in the minors if you don't want 6N to be on).

I think the best you can do most of the time is to Blackwood in Spades and then bid either 5N pick a slam or 6 to put 6 in the frame for partner.

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Posted 2018-February-22, 06:16

View PostJanisW, on 2018-February-21, 04:27, said:

Thank you for your insights

full deal was:

you can probably guess what happened... Bad luck or is there anything to be done about it?

How about starting with 2C instead of 1S?
North has a 65 hand, 2 cards in partners suit, does he really want to stop below game?
The plan is, 2S followed by 3S, showing 65 in the blacks.
You most likely will still end up in 6S-1, but thats bad luck.,
sometimes the suit break 41.
With kind regards
With kind regards
Uwe Gebhardt (P_Marlowe)

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Posted 2018-February-22, 19:29

View PostJanisW, on 2018-February-21, 10:08, said:

I've had some thought whether 3NT is truly needed natural after 1-1?

It is less crucial than after a 1m opening, but with a 1633 19-count it is nice to show what you have instead of faking a jump shift.
... most of the new ideas I get are pretty "boring", mostly focusing on constructive methods rather than destructive ones --- Kungsgeten

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