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How would you play?

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Posted 2018-February-20, 02:13

Club 5 lead, 1/3/5

Playing against experts in a strong field, butler.
Club 5 lead, if you play low E plays the king of clubs and plays the 9 of clubs back,
how do you continue?

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Posted 2018-February-21, 17:45

lots of lousy choices so here is my guess: I am going for 4h 2s 1d 2c and my back up plan is 2h 3s 2d 2c. I am going to try for 43 hearts with the QT split.
trick 2 win the A in dummy (assuming lho plays wither the J or T)
trick 3 cash the heart K
trick 4 club to the Q please PLEASE dont tell me that clubs broke 33 and this hand suddenly looks decent (I hate good luck)
trick 5 heart A pitch a dia
trick 6 (here goes nothing) heart J hoping against hope either opp began with Txx in hearts because the hand is over and we are playing for overtrick(s) *
if this does NOT work properly we are reduced to relying on both the dia finesse AND spades breaking 33
this lop also works if the QT of hearts fall in the first 2 rounds of the suit

* It is far more psychologically damaging to the opps if we can PIN the T vs just merely depending on the Q being 3rd where they were always helpless anyway.

If the primary plan fails we are going to have to hope the opp with the winning 3rd heart has only one of the top 3 spade winners so we can duck a spade to their partner else we will lose 2c 2h 1s no matter what.

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Posted 2018-March-10, 07:06

I win the ♣️9 with the ♣️A.

I then cash ❤️K and then duck a ♠️.

West could have lead through dummy’s Spades if he had shortage, but didn’t. So, I’m playing for ♠️ 3/3, and keeping all other options open for the moment.

If West wins ♠️ what can he return after I have unblocked ❤️?

If East wins ♠️ and returns ♣️, they’re probably 3/3, which is good. If he returns ❤️, I play J. Even if this loses, my ❤️9 is now a very good spot card.

I think that unblocking ❤️ and ducking ♠️ makes defence do the work. I can afford to await developments.


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Posted 2018-March-11, 22:45

I don't know what the best line is. Your tops are = 2 x + 2 x + 2 x + 1 = 7 sure tricks.
Your 8th and 9th tricks might come from
- A 3-3 break in a black-suit
- The Q finesse
- The JT appearing.
- The Q/T appearing
- A squeeze or end-play,
Try to keep entries flexible, cater for as many chances as possible, and adjust your line to defenders' play.
Like Dinarius, you might start by:ducking the opening 5 lead to K, Winning the return to cash A. Then ducking a .


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