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(1NT) - X - (2S) - P - (P) - X Penalty or Takeout?

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Posted 2018-February-15, 12:05

In the absence of any partnership agreement, if partner doubles 1NT, my RHO bids 2, followed by two passes, if partner doubles again is it for penalties or takeout?

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Posted 2018-February-15, 12:16

Default would still be penalty doubles from both sides over here I think, but T/O is becoming more common.

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Posted 2018-February-15, 13:43

If pass over 2S was forcing then standard is penalty, otherwise takeout. But it's better to play t/o regardless.
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Posted 2018-February-15, 15:35

TOX If the opps have landed in a bad spot at the 2 level an X BEHIND the long suit is penalty but IN FRONT of the long suit it is better to pass on the rare occasion you have strong trumps. You will have weak or short trumps a much larger % of the time and saving x for tox will allow your side to compete effectively in many more hands. I would not be shocked if the TOX treatment was effective around 85% of the time and the penalty x around 15% (anyone want to run a simulation)?

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