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Playin 4-1 fit after Lebensohl messup

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Posted 2018-February-04, 10:42

This was in the declarer only tournament. So the bidding was done by two Gib robots.
I think what happened is North decided was too good to bid 3 so doubles.
south signs-off in 3 using Lebensohl. Now North decides it's not good enough (or doesn't know what to do and defaults to pass) to bid 4/3N so passes in 4-1 fit.
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Posted 2018-February-04, 17:42

Just comes to mind, a possibly related hand...
The bidding went

(2H) - X - (P) - 2SP -
All pass.

The robot first takeout-Doubled with a 6-card spade-suit, 18 hcp (thinking it was too strong for 2SP overcall, I guess).
Then passed my 2SP (not too strong, anymore?).

Did I mention we missed a cold game?

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Posted 2018-February-09, 13:52

I will have them take a look at this one.
Please let me know about any questions or interest or bug reports about GIB.

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