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Do you agree with 4NT?

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Posted 2018-January-19, 08:15

BBO is trialling quantum computers and like ksk2005 posting with 14 cards in South I relied on the unusual number of hearts for dummy! :) The point is North didnt squeak over the 2C so looking for 5m tick looks very unlikely

If Janis asked about norths bidding I missed it: sorry. And yes, Id vote x on that

My very quirky pass and not 2C? My point is what are you hoping to get after 2C? Likely west has H and can bid 3 or 4 and likely North will pass. Youll have to make a decision now anyway. Id have to rely on a now possibly pressured wests bid now. And if its passed to North for a x or just a 1S bid Ive got a lot more to base on now...and Id be surprised if it was passed out but even if it does....anyway only my little view.....x

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Posted 2018-January-19, 16:26

2C is the normal call. What else can you do?

As others have pointed out, North might consider a responsive double over 4H. I think the hand is just barely good enough for that call over the 4H preempt, but others might disagree.

4NT seems normal enough. Both sides have 9+ fits, and likely at least one side has a 10-fit. You have all of your strength in your long suits, and you have only 3 short-suit losers. If you are beating 4H, there is an excellent chance you can make 5 of a minor, and if you are not beating 4H, you almost certainly have at least a good sacrifice.

You are not likely ever to find 6D even if North makes a responsive double. It's not even that great a contract, b/c in addition to having to find the Qc, you will always go down if clubs are 4/0.


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Posted 2018-January-19, 16:29

View PostJanisW, on 2018-January-18, 10:04, said:

Do you aree with 4NT (feel free to comment on 2, too) and how does N know to bid 6?


I like 4NT and don't worry about missing 6. Let them make the next guess in this cramped auction. Although reasonable I would not have Xed the 4 bid with the North hand. Certainly X is not 100% penalty on this auction but at this level is it co-operative Take-Out or co-operative Penalty? The 2C bid is automatic IMO.

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