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why can't you guys fix this? same thing

#1 User is offline   mattw777 

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Posted 2018-January-11, 13:41

I just don't get it. I pay money to play against robots, and they respond to my opening bid with 3 jacks.
1D - 1H and he has 3 jacks. Do you programmers not know a *****ed thing about how to play bridge?

#2 User is offline   johnu 

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Posted 2018-January-11, 15:34

You should post a link to the hand, or create a hand diagram using the editing icon shaped like a spade with reddish horizontal stripes. There are many hands that expert responders would bid on that have 3 HCP or less. That is not to say that GIB is an expert but in general, you can't analyze a bid without seeing a hand.

GIB frequently passes opening bids as responder so it might be interesting to see this hand.

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Posted 2018-January-17, 20:43

It's hard to help without seeing the hand. But GIB certainly can respond with fewer than 6 HCP - just like humans can and often do.
Please let me know about any questions or interest or bug reports about GIB.

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