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silly "cheaper minor" bid by GIB

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Posted 2017-December-26, 12:12

The 3NT bid by east, which was explained as "cheaper minor", doesn't make sense. Clearly the correct cheaper minor bid is 3C. Even if 3NT is the bid to show a really bad hand, west should still pull to 4D.

This lead directing double by north was really good though...


#2 User is offline   johnu 

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Posted 2017-December-26, 13:53

LOL - 3NT is cheaper minor!?! Only GIB could come up with an explanation and bid like that. I have no idea what immediate bids after the double would have meant, but jumping to 3NT to show nothing would close to the bottom of mye list for rebids after the 2 bid by West.

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Posted 2017-December-26, 15:47

After 2 X what does pass and redouble mean? You could make one a double negative if you wanted.

After 2-(X)-P-(P)-2-(P) There is no mention of a double negative at this point in notes.
Why you would use one when you have 3-card support is a bit wierd?
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Posted 2017-December-26, 16:04

It looks like over the double, GIB plays pass as showing "Some clubs - 4, forcing to 2NT" and redouble as "Long clubs - rebiddable , forcing to 2NT".

Second turn to bid, 2NT is just "Balanced - 4" without any mention of points, 3NT is "Cheaper minor - 4, 4- total points", while every other bid shows 5+ points, including 3: "4, 5+ total points, forcing to 3NT".

If that's how you're going to define pass/redouble, then it looks like it's just a case of swapping around some of the latter definitions.
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Posted 2017-December-26, 20:03


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Posted 2018-January-04, 17:12

This is a mix of bugs, which is actually kind of interesting (sorry for taking any kind of positive reaction from it)

After 2C 2D 3D, GIB thinks 3NT is 'cheaper minor', essentially showing a negative, as the lowest non-major bid.
On this auction, it seems the programming just talks about what to do when opener rebids diamonds below 3NT, not taking into account the way that the rebid could be 2D.

The first bug seems more important. I know it was brought to the programmer's attention a long time ago. I'm not sure why it wasn't fixed or what happened.
Please let me know about any questions or interest or bug reports about GIB.

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