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Pair plays wrong board in Howell

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Posted 2017-December-11, 15:24

ACBL club game, 3 1/2 table Howell, start of Round 5 at Table 4.

Pairs 2 and 1 begin to play incorrect Boards 9-12 instead of correct Boards 13-16, and is noticed after they were in the middle of the play period of Board 9. Director lets them complete Board 9, then gives them the correct Boards 13-16 to play with Boards 9-12 given to Table 3.

Neither pair had played Board 9. (One played it against the phantom, the other was scheduled to play it the final round.)

Pairs 1 and 2 are given 1/4 board penalties for starting the round with incorrect boards. They also scored average minus and opponents average plus for later schedu

How does one in ACBLscore account for the extra result of Board 9, Pair 2 vs. 1 result? (The only way I can see to do it is manually calculate matchpoints and use the ADJ adjust command to make the total matchpoints correct.)

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Posted 2017-December-11, 17:30

The pair who "played" board 9 "against the phantom" was in fact not scheduled to play the board at all. The pair who was scheduled to play board 9 in the final round gets the result they got in round 5*, and their opponents get average plus. Table 3 should be allowed to play board 9 at some point. If there's no time for that, then both pairs should get average plus, unless it's determined that one or both of them were at fault for the boards being at the wrong table.

How do you give a pair a score for a board they weren't scheduled to play? I don't think you do.

* In ACBLScore, you put this in the final round, where they were scheduled to play it. That's where their opponents' average plus goes, as well.
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