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download daily tournment hands

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Posted 2017-November-05, 04:00

I want to know how to download the hands of the free daily tournment.
Usually with the dds software i may download the bbo hands.
But the hands of daily tournment aren't present on bbo my hands page.
Any solutions ?

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Posted 2017-November-06, 08:21

I have recently been playing in the 25 cent all day robot tourneys. So it's not quite the same thing but fwiw I'll say what I do.

If I play on Monday I get a bbo email on Tuesday giving the results. I can click on show boards and then, of course, see the boards and then I can open a hand of interest. However "options" does not allow me to save the hand at this point. I could have used options to save it right after I played it, but the day later options only offers me the chance to change the display. However, opening the hand produces a url. I can copy and paste that.

For example:


Now why would I want to? This hand illustrates the answer. I plan to send this to a partner and ask "Are we playing that 1NT-2C-2H-3S is a strong heart raise?" It's obviously something that's a bit out of the normal but it could be a splinter. Of course we should all know exactly what conventions we are and are not playing, but most partnerships, certainly including mine, have many gaps.

I think bbo could make this easier, but this seems to work. Whether it also works in the setting that you are speaking of I don't know.

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Posted 2017-November-06, 09:43

The daylong turnaments aren't saved in the same database that's used by the myhands web site, which is what DDS uses.

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