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Another "What is this double?" question

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Posted 2017-October-14, 21:08

In a sectional matchpoint event you show up, planning to kibitz two strong players you know. Unfortunately, there are an odd number of pairs in the section and the director notices you and another kibitzer hanginf around, so shoves the two of you at gunpoint into the two empty seats. During the 45 seconds that you have to discuss system methods you agree on "fairly basic 2/1" and a few other things (UDCA, natural over opponents' strong NT, ....).

Favorable vulnerability. Partner passes, RHO opens a 15-17 NT, you bid a "natural" 2C, and the auction proceeds P-(1N)-2C-(P)-2D-(P)-P-(2H)-X..... OK, what is that double?

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Posted 2017-October-14, 21:29

absent agreement i would think takeout. it's perfectly reasonable to play it as penalties though.

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Posted 2017-October-15, 02:42

"What's my new partner doing making my life difficult in a tricky little auction?" is probably a better question.

Without reading wank's reply before posting this, I would have said penalties, but what your partner has to double on as a passed hand is anyone's guess? Your 2 could be weak and obstructive with a passed partner at white. If you took it as takeout sans agreement then I wouldn't blame you either.

I am hedging my bets too...

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Posted 2017-October-15, 09:13

My preferred approach to resolve double trouble questions is: (A) if partner has bid anything, my double is 100% penalty (except obvious negative/responsive/support situations) or (B) if partner has not bid anything, my double below 3NT is 100% take out (except obvious penalty doubles of NT or lead directing doubles of artificial bids). Even without that agreement, I would treat the OP double of 2H as penalty.

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Posted 2017-October-15, 10:24

I know that all doubles seem to be for take out these days, but when three suits have already been bid naturally it's difficult to see how this can be the case here. But then as a passed hand, it's equally difficult to see how he can have a penalty double either. OK, what are the possibilities? Does he have something like Kxxx x KQxxxx Qx or xx KQJx Axxxxx x? I think the first hand makes more sense as the second is far too close as a penalty double. So, unless my hand gives a strong clue to the contrary I would take the double to be competitive and would take it out.

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Posted 2017-October-16, 04:34


firstofall it is not my bid yet. I'm assuming 1NT passed? It is possible that 2 is still transfer to 2, isn't it?

if my partner bid X in this situation, I would take it as 4 in the unbid Major. So I would expect P to show up with something like 4-1-6-2 or 4-2-5-2 and enough values to compete to 3 of minor.


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