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Opening lead singleton trump

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Posted 2017-September-29, 15:20

If you are making the opening lead and have a singleton trump, under what conditions would you lead it?

I know that if you have multiple trumps and think declarer might have a cross trump or otherwise need to ruff several times then it might be correct to lead trumps. However, it is unclear to me if you would still lead a trump in that situation if you only have one of them.

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Posted 2017-September-29, 16:02

Leading a singleton trump is usually a bad action that may compromise your partner's holding in the trump suit and makes things easier for declarer. So generally leading a singleton trump is frowned upon, but there are obviously exceptions to that rule depending on the hands.

The one situation where you must virtually always lead a singleton trump is where you have made a takeout double, and partner has left the double in for penalties. Partner should have a good trump holding, and it is essential to cut down declarer's ability to score trumps separately (usually by crossruffing) between the two hands.

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