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#1 User is offline   saf 

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Posted 2017-August-10, 01:01

I really think that we should not be able to rate our own skill level
can it not be rated according to performance? iehand records are there, why can it not be reflected in our rating

#2 User is offline   eagles123 

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Posted 2017-August-10, 02:53

wow never seen this suggestion before :rolleyes:
"definitely that's what I like to play when I'm playing standard - I want to be able to bid diamonds because bidding good suits is important in bridge" - Meckstroth's opinion on weak 2 diamond

#3 User is offline   The_Badger 

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Posted 2017-August-10, 03:42

Welcome Saf. I always have look at a player's profile before replying on here and being a chess player myself love the quote on your profile: At the end of the game, the king and pawn go back in the same box :)

As for players rating their own skill level, well there are plenty of delusional people in the world, and sadly a few end up on BBO.

#4 User is offline   BabsG 

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Posted 2017-August-10, 08:02

Well - there was a site that rated players just as saf has suggested. It is still operational but hasn't been updated in about 4 years. It has me rated as " expert - " BUT I am nothing more than an intermediate at best. So - not sure that method is any better than self rating.

#5 User is offline   croquetfan 

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Posted 2018-February-02, 23:14

self ratings are a joke. If you play in an indi game, it's handy to be able to check your partner's skill level as it affects the bids & plays you make.
Why can't people be honest? "novice" level 23... "novice" level 9, 5000 logins.
They must be really slow learners.

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