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bidding over a weak 2

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Posted 2017-July-26, 03:51

what should E bid?


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Posted 2017-July-26, 05:11

As this post is in the Novice and Beginner Forum, I would advocate (at this level) a Double as, in my opinion, the best bid available over a (presumably) weak 2 opening. Double at least keeps the option of finishing in a contract, whereas bidding 3 may not.

More advanced players have at their disposal a convention called Leaping Michael's where a bid of 4 would show a good 5-5 or more distributional hand for s+s. Some play it as forcing, some not.

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Posted 2017-July-26, 13:18


This is not an easy hand.
Take your pick between X, 3C, 3H and 4C (conventional Leaping Michaels, ..., but it is not clear to use the bid,
given the shady suit quality).
Most likely I would go with 3C, but as long as you dont pass, I would not complain, if I would be your partner.

With kind regards
With kind regards
Uwe Gebhardt (P_Marlowe)

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Posted 2017-July-28, 08:22

What would a 3 spades cue bid show?

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Posted 2017-July-28, 08:44

Most common usage of cue is a stopper ask, usually based on some running suit, cards outside, but no stop. Also occasionally some big balanced hand no stop with like only 2 cards in the other major not wanting to see partner insist on hearts holding 5.

Some players might still like michaels though.

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Posted 2017-July-28, 09:44

View Postportia2, on 2017-July-26, 03:51, said:

what should E bid?

I rank
  • X = T/O. You have a good 2-suiter with values in the side suits, Double leaves some space for exploration.
  • 4 = ART. Overstates suit quality, Ignores values in side-suits. But otherwise descriptive and constructive.
  • 3= NAT. A poor suit and an underbid,
  • 3 = NAT. A danger is that partner passes when you have a fit,
  • 2 = CUE. Initially, asking for a stop.


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