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GIB passed another cuebid :(

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Posted 2017-June-18, 21:30

As a human, what would you bid over 4? I wasn't really sure, but slam seemed very likely and I thought I'd hedge my bets by allowing GIB to pick a suit.

GIBs default is to pass if it doesn't know what to do, despite the description being forcing. Perhaps it should default to something else.
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Posted 2017-June-19, 01:39

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Posted 2017-June-19, 10:34

So GIB's description is that 5 is forcing to 5N and shows two or fewer .

How can it pass then. At least it must be made to realize that it can punt the ball back being forced to 5NT!

Such a shame that these things can't be made to bid better and at least be forced when its explanation is forcing and it clearly is leaving PD in a joke contract!

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Posted 2017-June-19, 14:11

According to Gibs reckoning partnerships has 33 pts so why didn't Gib bid slam?
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