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Robots bids Is it possible to reprogram their bidding system?

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Posted 2017-May-18, 10:39

It's been difficult for me to play with the robots. I feel that they defend very well, but their bidding is atrocious.
They don't rebid a six card suit, so we missed a slam.
I click to see what their bid means, and most of the time it's incorrect.
I doubled for penalty at the four level, knowing that I had the setting tricks, and the robot bid at the five level, going down four doubled. Do they know what a penalty double is?
Once I was in six hearts, and the robot bid seven clubs and going down, of course.
I would like to know if it's possible to reprogram their bidding.
Once, the robot asked for Aces, and missing two he bid 7 NT.
It's very frustrating to play with them. I had already uninstalled BBO, but decided to give it another try.
For me, it's a waste of money to play in the tournaments with them.
I consider myself a good player, and it is very frustrating to play with them.

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Posted 2017-May-26, 11:15

Short answer - it is possible. But it is a very involved, time-consuming process. Many changes have been made over the years, many for the better. We now seem to be in a period where GIB is being ignored by BBO. No one comes here to respond to issues, and there have been no announced upgrades for many months.

My opinion - since BBO has entered into a long-term agreement to award ACBL masterpoints in GIB tournaments, they believe that further upgrades are unnecessary or, at least, very low priority. While this isn't stated openly, GIB is intended for the majority of ACBL members who are non-Life Masters and for whom GIB is an upgrade over their current live partners.

And all that said, as an LM more than 12 times over, I still play with GIB frequently. At least the convention card is always the same, no need for discussions every time you play. In tournament you always have at least a tie for best hand, and you get to play the hand when dummy normally would. I can live with the tradeoff, but of course it would be nice if some of the still-existing bad bidding areas could be improved.

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