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Private Tournaments

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Posted 2017-May-03, 06:06

I've noticed that certain tournaments on BBO are entry selective. IMHO this is unacceptable as it
suggests that a "clique" culture exists on this site as well as exclusivity. Bridge is supposed to be
a game for everyone so why are BBO allowing private tournaments on a universal website (?)
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Bridge is a game where you have two opponents...and often three(!)

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Posted 2017-May-03, 07:50

That is a silly comment.

BBO allows groups to create tournaments by invitation only. There are plenty of tournaments available for everyone. But there are also plenty of groups who want to create tournaments by invitation only. I cannot see any reason why this is a problem.


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Posted 2017-May-03, 08:29

When there's a blizzard that closes the venue where my bridge club normally holds their weekly game, I set up a BBO tournament to replace it, and it's limited to members of our club. Why shouldn't we be able to do this?

BBO is just a platform, it can be used for a variety of activities. Private tournaments don't detract from all the public tournaments, they can easily coexist.

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Posted 2017-May-03, 09:38

I'm running an online tournament for my students learning Calgary Standard Precision. I bet you want to play in it, complain that people are opening garbage 11s, and insist on playing Standard.

Diana is running an online tournament "for fun, for her friends, including the ones in the US currently". There will be people who want to play in it that will get really annoyed that all the discussion is in Romanian, and insist that they speak English.

BB and ES and I put together a monthly "Waterloo Bridge Club expats" tournament with all our old friends. People come in, and then complain to all and sundry about the smart(***) comments, the foul language, and the clearly drunk bidding (and double squeezes for the beer card) that exists there.

Why should we have to deal with randoms who invariably won't read the rules and will demand things be done their way - and why should people have to read the rules to know that they aren't going to have a great time there? If *everything* went private, that would be one thing. But it's not.

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Posted 2017-May-03, 14:47

Here in Ireland, we would sometimes use BBO tourneys to select our junior teams. It would get very annoying if the results got muddled up with randoms not having agreements and/or giving out large swings.
Wayne Somerville

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Posted 2017-May-05, 14:01

"I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member"

Groucho Marx

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