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Posted 2016-November-14, 18:06

In spite of virulent criticism directed against Kaitlyn S, the election shows she has a better feeling for the political pulse than her patronising detractors.

Why would anybody vote for Donald? Perhaps, because, by rejecting Hilary, they might postpone the 3rd World War.

The Western Ministry of Peace has demonized and terrorised Russia; and supported Al Qaeda type rebels all over the world (Afghanistan, Chechnya, Libya, Syria, and so on).

To safeguard cherished rights and freedoms, the Ministry of Love suppresses them. For example by rendition of suspects for torture in Syria and elsewhere.

Traditionally, policy is determined by those who finance politicians rather than by those who vote for them. (For example Republican voters are anti-immigrant but the Ministry of Plenty relies on cheap foreign labour).

Donald's independent means present Inner Party puppeteers with an unusual problem. If bribery proves ineffective, will they resort to blackmail or assassination?

We eagerly anticipate further releases from the Ministry of Truth. We live in interesting times :)

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Posted 2016-November-16, 17:44

In spite of my "War is NOT Peace ..." line in the Trump thread, I think we're living much more in a Brave New World than we are in 1984.


Destruction of the family. ✓

Pernicious education system. ✓

Discouragement of critical thinking. ✓

Discouragement of individual action and initiative. ✓

Widespread drug use. ✓

Promotion of recreational sex. ✓

Pair-bonding is obsolete. ✓

Spiritual needs met by mock religious services. ✓

Materialism & consumption are heavily promoted. ✓
"Maybe we should all get together and buy Kaitlyn a box set of "All in the Family" for Chanukah. Archie didn't think he was a racist, the problem was with all the chinks, dagos, niggers, kikes, etc. ruining the country." ~ barmar

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Posted 2016-November-17, 01:12

I think that 1984 is a lot closer to the world we live in, as foetuses are not brain-damaged with drugs, nor are babies subject to operant conditioning with evil intent.

In any case, I am very much afraid of the possibility that the US has managed to elect a dictator.
I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones -- Albert Einstein

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Posted 2016-November-17, 09:15

This should be required reading for all high school aged students in the U.S.

It was not Orwell who got it right with 1984, but Huxley with Brave New World.

Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business
(1985) Neil Postman.


Postman asserts the presentation of television news is a form of entertainment programming; arguing inclusion of theme music, the interruption of commercials, and "talking hairdos" bear witness that televised news cannot readily be taken seriously. Postman further examines the differences between written speech, which he argues reached its prime in the early to mid-nineteenth century, and the forms of televisual communication, which rely mostly on visual images to "sell" lifestyles. He argues that, owing to this change in public discourse, politics has ceased to be about a candidate's ideas and solutions, but whether he comes across favorably on television

We didn't elect a tyrant; we elected to be entertained.
You've got that tragic set of charms that only comes from time spent in Los Angeles...

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Posted 2016-November-17, 10:36

View PostWinstonm, on 2016-November-17, 09:15, said:

It was not Orwell who got it right with 1984, but Huxley with Brave New World.

Then we can play musical bridge.

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