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Pay attention on balancing overcall on Gib CC

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Posted 2016-August-25, 17:47

South has 8 TPs with 8hcp, how to bid at balancing seat on Gib CC?
Here is Gib CC.
1 = balancing overcall --- 5+,9+TPs.
2 = balancing jump overcall --- twice rebiddable ,13+TPs.
3 = banlancing double jump overcall --- 7+,strong rebiddable ,17-20 TPs.
4 = 24+hcp,strong rebiddable ,25 TPs.
What would you take next auction in this hand?

1- Pass
It is ok, there is no any thing to occur.

2- 1
If you really bid 1, you will have no any reason to rebid your suit.
- If don't rebid 3


- If really rebid 3


Now see the explanation on 4, how to suddently upgrade to "14+hcp,15-21TPs"? Obviously it is illogic.

- If really jump rebid 4, disaster will strike.

4 says " 24+hcp,strong rebiddable ,25+TPs ".
Obviously it is rediculous. West is a opener with 21hcp at most, then for South seat, it is impossible to have 24+hcp.

3- 2/3
This is a true lie, so Gib never do so except human.

4- Directly jump 4

Gib never do so, but human likes to do it. Here Gib partner would have two way to respond.




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Posted 2016-August-27, 17:25

This hand has 8 HCP. Certainly more TP but I never bother with that for entering the bidding, either with GIB or otherwise. Any bid above 1H is a gross overbid, and pass seems bizarre with an 8 card suit, so make the normal 1H call.

Not sure how you set up these hands, seems odd that #2 passed 3H but #3 cuebid on the same auction. Let's see....gross underbid pass, mild overbid 3S, normal action raise to 4H.

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