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CLAIMING on BBO Problems arising in BBO when claiming and solution

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Posted 2013-December-22, 15:30

Zel has a good point. I wonder why we even use humans at all.
"Bidding Spades to show spades can work well." (Kenberg)

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Posted 2013-December-22, 23:51

View PostZelandakh, on 2013-December-22, 13:31, said:

Say that declarer has AKQJ9 opposite a small card in the trump suit with the side suits solid having ruffed a couple in the short hand. The normal play would be to play from the top. If you only decline the claim when this line does not work then declarer has a no risk play of a first round finesse knowing that there is a 5-0 trump split out there. If you turn down such claims and declarer tries this then they might well go down. Similarly for other attempts of this nature.

I do not think that a BBO opponent will see you reject claims often enough to notice your tendencies.


For that matter, is there any reason why face to face bridge has to be played at a table at all. We could place each contestant in a booth with a web cam and do the whole thing electronically without losing (most of) the cues that separate f2f bridge from online. Voice-chat can be enabled for partners between hands. From a kibitzer point of view such a set-up would not be a bad thing I suspect.

From a player point of view, not so much.
I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones -- Albert Einstein

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Posted 2017-October-04, 13:51

I play a lot of Solitaire Bridge on BBO and there is no way one can claim when it is obvious all tricks left can be taken.Perhaps a Claim Button could be added for Solitaire Bridge too?Thank you.

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Posted 2017-October-05, 08:32

The claim button is in the lower left of the playing area.

Posted Image

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