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New Minor Forcing on? 2/1 ACBL

#1 User is online   dickiegera 

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Posted 2012-August-19, 06:22

Partner & I wonder if New Minor Forcing is on or off in such an aution?
What would be best?

We play walsh so we would always show our 4 card heart suit here and pass partners 1NT
with above hand. With double might 2 be natural?

Thank you.

#2 User is offline   aguahombre 

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Posted 2012-August-19, 11:52

Your concern is that you want avoid being in 1N doubled? That is way down the scale; I see good things from defending a diamond or spade contract.

A general rule I really like is not letting a double which took up no room interfere with what we wanted to do. If we had a NMF hand, I would want to be able to do that. What we gain is the redouble to replace a NT raise and suggest the opponents are dead meat.

However, one thing I would change: if we had agreed 2-way CB's, we should agree to switch to plain NMF after the double so with support for opener's minor we can get it in before it is too late.

This post has been edited by aguahombre: 2012-August-19, 11:57

"Bidding Spades to show spades can work well." (Kenberg)

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Posted 2012-August-19, 18:53

I don't have an agreement with any of my partners what XX is here. I suppose that is a way to get back to 2 of a minor. But having 2C and 2D both be natural NF, and XX handle the inv+ hand, feels more natural.

Glad it didn't come up in the Swiss today :)

#4 User is offline   han 

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Posted 2012-August-20, 05:09

I'd be surprised if there is anybody who does not play redouble as business here. Looks useful!
Please note: I am interested in boring, bog standard, 2/1.

- hrothgar

#5 User is offline   P_Marlowe 

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Posted 2012-August-20, 05:22


would depend on the meaning of X

#1 if X is T/O, i.e. showing the other 2-suits, than NMF is on, XX being for money.
#2 if X is penalty, you could play 2D as nat., espesially, if you rarely encounter psych bids,
not sure, if this is a suitbale psych situation anyway, ... most likely not, we still would
play XX veing for blood.

With kind regards
With kind regards
Uwe Gebhardt (P_Marlowe)

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