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after RKCB-5x-5N simulation?

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Posted 2012-August-17, 13:26

Link to hand

Can the gib not bid 7N here over 5NT? It knows I have AK of hearts and ace of clubs. That's 11 points out of 15-17. If I have any one of the king of spades, jack of hearts or king of clubs, then 7N has 13 top tricks. There isn't even a hand assuming I really am 15-17 where I don't have any of those cards. At worst if I've upgraded something like QJx AKxx xx Axxx or something, 7N is still well over 80%.

Also, the explanation for 5N appears as "Does not" at the end without anything to qualify.
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Posted 2012-August-19, 19:23

actually over 5NT see nothing wrong with 7 but should get to 7NT
if 5NT ask for King then AKQJXXX if good enough for 7 since 5NT should show possession of all 5 keycards plus Q

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Posted 2012-August-19, 21:57

I have seen human non-beginners forget to accept a grand slam try with an unshown source of tricks so it's not too unusual - but GIB shouldn't, since he has knowledge of all the possible hands you can have, 99% of which must make a grand? He is probably programmed to robotically (lol) show his number of kings and is not allowed to bid grand if he thinks it is making. If this is true, it is definitely a bug that should be fixed.
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