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Play 4 hearts BBF vs. JEC #11

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Posted 2012-May-28, 07:14

Rotated for convenience, opps silent. Lead: 10. Plan the play.
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Posted 2012-May-28, 07:24

tackle the spades as soon as possible, that is trick 2.

If opps play ud count lead 2, otherwise 10, this will make it tough to RHO to duck K.

Come to hand with another heart and play another spade. They will make a great defence as always and I will end up playing RHO for doubleton 10

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Posted 2012-May-28, 07:38

Sorry team, played this one very poorly.
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Posted 2012-May-28, 08:56

I'd also win in hand and play a spade up. It is possible that they will help me strip the black suits. If LHO has Hx of hearts then they can never attack diamonds and may not be able to prevent a complete stripping of the hands.

For example, the play might go as follows:

2. Spade to the king holds.

3. Club to the queen and ace.

4. Another heart, won in dummy, both follow.

5. Ruff a club.

6. Spade up, guess succesfully.

7. They must return a spade or a club, say they play a club.

8. Cross to dummy in diamonds and cash the spade.

This way I make when either opponent has H10 or KQ, or when LHO has Hx.

Of course some good things need to happen (hearts split, guess spade, good communication) but it is not so farfetched. If it does not work out I haven't lost anything.
Please note: I am interested in boring, bog standard, 2/1.

- hrothgar

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