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Bad break

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Posted 2012-May-24, 08:33

A of D followed by C, each time im on dummy I play a trump. When Im in declarer hand I play a C until they ruffed. In short I dont touch S until I have trumps control.

Also maybe its will look like resulting but I prefer 3Nt
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Posted 2012-May-24, 13:54

View Postnige1, on 2012-May-23, 17:51, said:

I can't find where mikeh refuted the suggested line: Q, A, A, and, If defenders duck the 1st , then advance a 2nd .

View Postgnasher, on 2012-May-24, 02:57, said:

We're going to defend like Bridgmaster does. After the first club holds:
- If you play a second club immediately, LHO wins and gives his partner a club ruff. RHO exits with a diamond. Aren't you dead now?
- If you play a heart, RHO has Ax, and he uses his three entries to draw your trumps and cash a diamond.
Unlike Bridge-master, my double-dummy program thinks that it hard to find a losing line for declarer. When RHO exits in , discard a from hand and ruff in dummy. Now declarer is spoilt for choice. For example, he can lead dummy's last
And No, I my first attempt at a solution (playing first) was without computer-aid :)

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