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Posted 2012-January-12, 07:09

Experimenting with home made sauerkraut

I am somewhat dubious about a recipe which is (essentially)

Slice up a lot of cabbage
Throw it into a crock
Mix in some salt, mustard seeds, caraway seeds and juniper berries
Top with a nice glass of buttermilk
leave it alone at room temperature to rot for a month or so

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Posted 2012-January-12, 07:17

View Posthrothgar, on 2012-January-12, 07:09, said:

...rot for a month


You go first :blink:
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Posted 2012-January-13, 09:19

He probably will...

View Postwyman, on 2012-May-04, 09:48, said:

Also, he rates to not have a heart void when he leads the 3.

View Postrbforster, on 2012-May-20, 21:04, said:

Besides playing for fun, most people also like to play bridge to win

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Posted 2012-January-13, 12:51

Doesn't sound like Romanian traditional sauerkraut at all!

My grandma always used barrels to prepare the cabbage for the winter, or some large containers. She used cabbage (whole cabbages, not chopped cabbage), salt (not iodized, coarse salt), dry dill, horseradish, sour-cherry leaves, and other spices i cant remember. But the secret was how she always "winded" it - that is she put a long tube inside the barrel and blew the water every 2-3 days to make sure it doesn't catch mold at the surface. For smaller containers, she would pour out the water and then pour it back in the barrel. After about a week or so it was already a bit sour and good to eat.

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