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Bridge Without a Partner

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Posted 2011-March-09, 19:39


My friend, Ken Eichenbaum, has just released a new ebook through Master Point Press, called "Bridge without a Partner." The book is hysterical, and I recommend it to anyone with a (sick?) sense of humor.

The basic idea is that a bridge pro ("Friday") is hooked up with the client-no-one-wants ("Zelda") and agrees to take on the challenge. The level of insanity (genius?) that Zelda reaches is astonishing, and yet Friday eventually figures out how to cater to her odd ideas about the game and even to improve her game, as best could be possible. The end result is a series of insane (but often landed) contracts, opponents with exploding heads, director-initiated inquisitions, and the like. "The System" is a thing of beauty.

The scary thing is that which only a few know -- stories this good are beyond Eichenbaum's ability to make up. Truth is stranger than fiction.
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