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Fred's Lesson

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Posted 2011-February-02, 05:39

Want to tell it the whole world:

This free lesson was simply Super !!!!
I loved it
Thank you, Fred.

Bob Herreman

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Posted 2011-February-03, 17:41

Link ? :)

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Posted 2011-February-03, 18:09

View Postbluecalm, on 2011-February-03, 17:41, said:

Link ? :)

Link is in the second post in the following thread....

post on BBO new web lessons

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Posted 2011-February-04, 20:18

Great idea, and great lesson.

One small point, Fred, if I may. This was the first thing a television director told me when I made some programmes on events such as the Sunday Times tournament, for which I wrote my own scripts and read from them to record the commentary:

When people converse, or talk impromptu, their voices rise at the end of sentences (listen for yourself). When people read aloud, their voices fall at the end of sentences. So, if you don't want to sound like a lecturer reading verbatim from a prepared script - in other words, if you don't want to remind people of their schooldays by sounding like the worst kind of teacher - make sure your voice follows the pattern of "normal" speech by ending sentences (or clauses) on an upnote.
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Posted 2011-February-04, 21:44

I didn't want to say anything, but I also found Fred's speaking style flat. The material was great, but I had to force myself to keep listening because of the monotone.

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Posted 2011-February-04, 22:26

Well it appeared Fred was reading the material. This style never sounds natural.I would have preferred the text to track the dialogue instead of vice versa.

I do appreciate this new style of presenting hands and find it much more personal. I probably like Gavins video on bridgewinners more since the video of the presenter adds an additional element.

I also enjoyed the hand, since keeping both hearts doesn't seem important even you there isn't a compelling reason to keep anything else either.
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Posted 2011-February-05, 16:27

It was really amazing! Although I agree with the voice recording comments it didn't really bother me.

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