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Best Response Structure For Inverted Minors

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Posted 2004-April-10, 17:24

What, in your opinion, is the best response structure for the 2m response of inverted minors. Parameters are:
1) Forcing for one round, not to game
2) No 4 card major
3) 2C guarantees 5+ cards, 2D is 5+ or 4D5C
4) 1C may be 2 cards, 1D is 5+ or 4-4-1-4


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Posted 2004-April-10, 17:39

Hi Peter!

1-2, ?

2: slam interest, deny splinter. Can continue by relays or cue bids.
2/: GF, stopper+
2NT: NF, 11-12, bal, stoppers
3: NF
3//: splinter
3NT: 13-14 bal, stoppers

1-2, ?

2/: GF, stopper+
2NT: NF, 11-12, bal, stoppers
3: slam interest, deny splinter. Can continue by relays or cue bids.
3: NF
3//4: splinter
3NT: 13-14 bal, stoppers


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Posted 2004-April-10, 17:57

We play something different then normal after 1c-2c
We play that 2h/2s are natural showing 5-4/
This might look stupid since 2c suppose to denay 4 card major (its not a total deny in our system) but i think there is a point to it. we first discover the shape now we know if we got an alternative contract to 3nt, if we dont then there is no point in investing for stopers, this will only help the opponents, if we do then with no stopers we will play 4-3 major or a minor game, if 2h/2s show stopers you might not know about the 4-3 (and sometimes 4-4 in our sys) major fit to land to.
2d is either a minimum hand (including balance 12-14, we save our 2nt for 18-20 bal) or 5-4 11-21 after which we have some relays.
the rest of the bids are :
3 = 6+ 16+ HCP with SGL
3 = 6+ 16+ HCP without SGL
3 = 4144 18/22 HCP
3 = 1444 18/22 HCP
3nt = 4414 18/22 HCP

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Posted 2004-April-10, 22:59

I play inverted minors as 100% GF. None of that 10+ stuff. Let's start out at nice low level with a GF bid and start relaying, or common sense to best possible game or slam.

Mike ;)
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Posted 2004-April-11, 01:31

In schemes where I deny a 4 card major I tend to concentrate on locating (or denying) shortages (singleton/void) in BOTH hands, starting at the 2 level. Only after that is clarified do I start to fine-tune whether we have a suit wide open for NT. If opener has no shortage then he also clarifies early whether his opening suit was "prepared".
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Posted 2004-April-11, 09:37

I usually play 1m-2m as 10+HCP, no 4 card M, 4+m. Rebids from opener:

2X = control X, try to investigate NT OR slamtry and control bidding
2NT = min, stops in all suits higher than m
3 = (when m=) control, no control and , GF or better
3m = min, 4 card m
3M = splinter and GF, mild slam invitation when p is not minimum
3NT = around 15 HCP, usually to play

It's easy, and I haven't had any problems with it. What else do we need? ;)
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Posted 2004-April-11, 15:39

Its importent to notice the different between the first 4 answers and free's one.
All the first 4 look for something extra before checking stopers, this is imo a good idea, that will not get you to 5m with 24 balanced hands that have no play while 3nt cn make on bad diffence or good breaks.

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Posted 2004-April-11, 18:30

let me toss this out for comments.. we play 1m/2m is 5-9 hcp, 1c/2nt is limit club raise, 1d/3c is limit diamond raise, 1c/2d is forcing club raise, 1d/2h is forcing diamond raise.. yes we lose some, but we have ways to show all types of minor suit raises as compensation... none of the above can be made with a 4 card major....

now after the forcing raises:

1 : 2
2 asks for stoppers... responder bids 2nt with 2 suits stopped else the suit he has stopped... say he bids 2 showing a stopper... responder knows the red suits are unstopped, in opener's hand... if it goes
1 : 2
2nt : 3 asks which suit is unstopped... 3M shows the suit, 3nt shows other minor

1 : 2
2nt : 3 asks which suit isn't stopped.. 3M shows the suit, 3nt shows other minor

responder usually is able to place the contract fairly quickly... any 4m bid is rkc for that minor, always... true, we can't play 4m anymore but we've accepted that

5 of the other minor and 4 of either major is exclusion rkc

all of this is fairly new, we're still working on it, so comments appreciated
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Posted 2004-April-11, 18:38

I have found the following response structure to be effective
(tested over several years with several partners in several
major events).

Step 1=Either minimum unbalanced hand (ie singleton or void somewhere) or any 4441 game force. Responder relays with next step to ask if he wants (low middle high low middle high).

Step 2=Balanced hand that does not want to bid notrump

2NT=Natural and forcing the 3 of the agreed minor (could be 18-19 but see 3NT below)

3 of minor=Balanced minimum hand with 5+ of minor

1C-2C-2S and 1D-2D-3C=Balanced game force with 5+ of the minor

Jump in new suit=Game force with shortness in the suit bid but not 4441

Jump to 3NT=18-19 with only 3 of the minor opened

Jump to 4 of agreed minor=RKCB

Jump above 4 of agreed minor=Exclusion RKCB

For a scheme like this to be maximally effective you also need good
agreements about followup auction (sorry - no time to list those that
I prefer right now).

Fred Gitelman
Bridge Base Inc.

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