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Help for the Visually Impaired Speech Ricognition/Control Partners Bids

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Posted 2007-April-16, 01:46


I played in a game with a player who has a severe visual handicap. Unfortunately he is so blind that it takes him a long time to even find his call (many of which were routine passes). I have a few suggestions:

1. Carnegie Mellon University has released into the public domain "world class speech (recognition) components", called Sphinx. There is no restriction against commercial use or redistribution of the engine. The Sphinx engine could be integrated into the Bridge Base software.

2. An option could be added to allow a partner or opponent to control a visually impaired players bids. Then an opponent could talk to the player on the phone and make all of those routine passes quickly, for example.

I realize either of these suggestions would entail major changes to the BBO software. Does anyone have any better ideas?


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Posted 2007-April-16, 05:22

BBO has a number of thing for the visually impaired

One is keyboard entry for bids. On the "AT the table" tab found on the options menu, is the check box to allow the keyboard to enter bids. The software already has speech recognition built in that will call out bids and cards played as well as comments made by people at the table.

Hope that helps.

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Posted 2007-April-16, 11:21

Can he see any cards at all?

I have a good BBO pal who is legally blind, but can still play. He has a big monitor + display resolution settings -> set to 600x800

This makes things very big and more easily visible.

Alternatively, if he has resolution 1080x768, choose "big cards" (user options -> at a table -> big cards + big )

I recommend method (1), cards are much bigger that way + everything on computer is much bigger, suitable for him.
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Posted 2007-April-16, 13:04

There is a group of blind players associated with the Rotary Club (in particular its Italian chapter) who use BBO on a regular basis.

They use a piece of software/hardware named JAWS that can be used to read what is on the BBO screen and to speak elements out loud.

A couple of years ago I added some features to BBO as a result of requests from the Italian Rotary Club people (mostly involving BBO-generated speech for various bridge events).

I can't find the contact information for the appropriate people at the Rotary Club. I suspect you can track them down via a web search and an e-mail or 2.

Fred Gitelman
Bridge Base Inc.

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Posted 2007-April-16, 16:07

Thanks for all the help!

Just to make sure we're all talking about the same thing, BBO does have text-to-speech, not speech recognition.

A solution that I have used in the past is two monitors and an appropriate video card. It's possible to display the bidding box on one monitor (with zoom) and the cards on the other monitor. I must admit I had problems with this setup though; it crashed more than I could stand.

Thanks for the Rotary Club lead; if I contact them I'll post the info here.

Still, it would be very cool to incorporate speech recognition:
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Posted 2008-August-30, 14:07

The difference between monitors and LCD TV's has been shrinking. Monitors however, cost another 50-200% more than TV's, and in many cases very large monitors are not available.

I recently purchased a 37'' Samsung LCD TV for $999 (yes, it's a lot). 37 inches diagonal is about the smallest size TV you can find that supports 1920x1080 resolution (Hi Def). I thought 1920x1080 would be clearer than 1366×768, wich is common for televisions smaller that about 42''. It had a VGA connection, the normal 15 pin D-sub, but I understand that recent video cards support HDMI connections.

Anyway, I configured the TV as 800x600, 75 Hz, 4:3 ratio. There is about 4 inches of the screen on either side that isn't used, but my usable screen is 2 feet wide and 1 1/2 feet tall! I can NOW see the cards, bidding, and chat, something I could never do before.

It's awesome, I wish I had done this sooner.

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Posted 2018-March-11, 11:11

View Postcat_in_hat, on 2018-March-07, 21:38, said:

I have a blind friend who plays bridge quite well with braille cards, but would also like to play online. Do you know any way a totally blind person can play bridge online (even if only with 3 robots). He is very computer savvy using software that reads his computer screen, but the software doesn’t do well with bridge notation. Can you help.

I too have a totally blind friend in a very similar situation.
Would be curious to know what has changed in the last 13 years.

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