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Posted 2003-April-08, 02:38

Does anyone have the full list BART responses.  I play this with many partners, however I am not sure if we utililize the convention to its fullest.  Below is what I use;

* Hand types for BART 2D relay;

a) any hand with 5 hearts
:) any hand with 6+ diamonds (less than invite)
c) Hand with 9+ red cards, not willing to bid 2S or pass


Openers response;

2H = 3 hearts, minimum hand (maybe honor-x)
2S = Deny 3 hearts, minimum (may not have 6 spades)
2N = Decent opener, not 3 hearts (15-17 hcp)
3C = 5/5 in blacks (GOOD hand)
3D = Max heart raise (typically 5314 good 16 or better)
3H = (if exist)
3S = "
3N = "
4C = "
4D = "
4H = "

* What other hand types can BART be used for.  Since BART is a forcing bid, can this relay be used for other hand types or a temporizing bid.

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Posted 2003-April-08, 04:04

A different type of BART
Hi. I will address you real bart below, but first for something completely different.  You may want to extend Bart type responses to
1H - 1NT - 2C responses.....

Here, some standard stuff
3C = curtesy raise (none of raises below)
2N = 8+-10 balanced
2S = five clubs, 9 -10 points
2H = good 8 - 10 HCP 2 card preference
3D = yuck, 6-bad 9 HCP and 6+ Diamonds
3H = normal 3 card limit raise
2D = SORT OF DIFFERENT BART, partner bids 2H (see exception)
  • Pass = weak preference, weaker than 2H immediately
  • 2S = better 5 card raise of Clubs than immeidate 2S, implies balanced hand type
  • 3D = better diamond hand than immediate 3D
  • 2NT = 11-12 better than immediate 2NT
  • 3C = 11 - 12 better than immediate 3C, 6+ clubs, longer clubs than delayed 2S, unbalanced

If opener had a near game force hand over 1NT, over 2D he can make a descriptive rebid... 2NT = big hand 6 card suit, think 18 points, 3H = good suit, 6+. 3C = 5-5 hand, good values.

Now for good old, normal BART
Now to your original question....Bart responses.... I think we are on somewhat different pages regarding BART. Your initial responses are are pretty good, although I doubt anything above 3D is really biddable in response to 2D. However, I will respond 2H on doubleton heart much more frequently than your comments suggest. I also use 2D with diamonds only with invitational hand. I use an immediate 3D as a bail out with diamonds and weaker stuff (PFA). In fact, the types of hand I can hold for using BART are much more extensive (and in some ways different) from the possible hands you suggest.

The type of hand I have for BART are:
    • 1. any hand with 5+ hearts (same)
    • 2. any hand with good two card support for spades (not mentioned), limiting the immediate 2S rebid to 6-9 pts
    • 3. any hand with invitational stregth and diamonds (limiting the jump to 3D to signoff hands)
    • 4. any hand with good 2NT rebid (limiting immediate 2NT rebid to 9-10 tops)
    • 5. any ahnd with good club raise (limiting immediate 3C raise to 9 points tops)


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