What are challenges?

Challenges are a new and exciting one-on-one duel against a friend or a random opponent. You get to play the same hands and determine who's the winner in your own private duplicate or total points tournament!

The red/green/yellow icons in the picture denote the status of your challenge.
If a green icon is shown, the challenge is on, and you can begin playing.
If a red icon is shown, you have already completed your portion of the challenge.
If a yellow icon is shown, either the start time of the challenge has not been met or the friend you've challenged needs to accept it for it to begin.

Challenge a friend

When you challenge a friend, you get to invite anyone on BBO and the type of match you're interested in. If they accept your challenge, you will have a few days to finish your hands. When either both players have completed their hands, or the time limit is reached, the winner of the challenge will be determined.

The maximum number of open challenges you can have is limited to approximately 10, but this limit is subject to some adjustments.

Challenge a stranger

Challenge a stranger will launch a new type of match we call an "arena". You can select the scoring type you prefer, and you'll then be matched with a random BBOer and play 8 boards against each other. Let the better player win!

The maximum number of arenas you can play is limited to approximately 3 a day, but this limit is subject to some adjustments.


Results will be sent to your BBO Mailbox or they can be accessed by clicking the MY BBO button on the top row of horizontal buttons, and then clicking Recent Tournaments once the Challenge is completed.

Challenge upgrade

Friend challenges can now be upgraded for BB$0.25. Upgraded challenges use Advanced Robots and are not subject to free challenge limits.

The challenge issuer pays BB$0.25 which upgrades both matches. If the challenge recipient is a friend, the challenge is auto-accepted, both matches are upgraded, and BB$0.25 is subtracted automatically. If the challenge recipient is not a friend, the BB$0.25 is subtracted and matches upgraded only when the recipient accepts the challenge.